Find here some brands I use and love.

The here listed brands are all 100% crueltyfree and:

  • some are completely vegan 
  • other brands inform their customer on their homepage or in special lists online which products are vegan 
  • and there are products where the analysis of their ingredientlist showed that they do not contain any animal substances.

Italian Instagram famous fresh new makeup brand - vegan and crueltyfree. Super stick foundation, concealer, highly pigmented eyeshadows....and much more to be discovered!
A natural, mineral, vegan, crueltyfree makeup brand from Berlin - amongst others with greatly good base products (primer/foundation/powder/corrector) and gorgeous lipsticks/lipglosses!

Amerikan vegan and crueltyfree brand - super eyeshadows, lipcontour pencils and lots more!

NUI logo.jpg

A brand from Berlin with the motto: clean-stylish-vegan - sensational foundation, creamy lipsticks and a lot more to discover!

Lethal logo.jpg

A young brand from Berlin - eyeshadow and liquid lipsticks in marvellous creative colours!


Italian 'wonder-MakeUp' - great eyeshadows, bronzer/highlighter and above all a stunning liquid foundation with sensational vegan and organic ingredients!


As to read on the logo - clean, pure, natural, ethical, cruelty free - in one word sensationell austrian mineral make up!


Fruit dyed, 100% pure Make Up - simply fantastic and the packaging is also awsome!


All natural and vegan lipbalm - coloured or neutral, smells beautiful, tastes great and lifts your mood! 


And again an italian brand which is sensationell - the cream eyeshadow and the eyebrow pomade are specailly fantastic!


German brand, they started with brushes and thats their profession - the vegan brush kit is fantastic!


Wax-based pro Make Up from the US with an insane amount of pigmentation up to 50%!!

logo-og.jpg American brand - has always been vegan and crueltyfree and finally also available in europe - great lipglosses, waterproof mascara, brushes etc. !

Italian 'toys' – crueltyfree and mainly vegan, fantastic mineral foundation and amazing eyeshadows!


Natural cosmetics from Germany, great products with great ingredients – lipsticks and mineral eyeshadow very recommendable!


Oil-based facepaint in best quality from the UK – for unlimited creativity!


Mineral Make Up with huge pigmentation – eyeshadows and blush -> a dream!


Water-based facepaint from Germany with great ingredients and sensationell opacity!


One of the best synthetic brushes on the market ever!


Many vegan products, very recommendable regarding contour, highlight, bronzer and blush !


Pretty outside and inside, Mineral Make Up brand with lots of vegan products - very nice pressed eyeshadows!


100% vegan and crueltyfree with super ingredients - fantastic fragrences!


Organic brand from the drugstore with many vegan products – great fixing spray and powder!


Young natural cosmetics brand with more and more vegan products – nice liquid foundation and nail polishes!


Amazing natural face care products and also some very good Make Up products, e.g. pressed powder!


Affordable natural cosmetics with lots of vegan products – eyeshadows with excellent pigmentation!


Indipendent danish company, crueltyfree and with a online 'vegan-list' – excellent waterproof products!

New brand at german DM - sensationell liners (for eyes and lips) and the best waterproof liquid eyeliner pen ever (vegan clasification online at every single product)!

Crueltyfree, lots of vegan products and one of the best mascaras!

Onlineshops I tried and recommend: